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RE Upholstery


This service is a useful solution to a few different problems. Firstly, re-upholstery can bring new life to tired old furniture that is showing its age. Our upholsterers can repair springs, webbing, stuffing and even the frame to restore it to its former glory. This is cheaper than buying replacement furniture, and also means you don’t have to do-away with a piece that holds sentimental value, purely because it’s seen better days. After we’ve completed our work, you will have your beloved furniture back in your home looking like new. What’s more, it will give more support than it did before, making it more comfortable to use.




Bespoke Headboards

One of our other areas of speciality is the creation of beautiful bespoke headboards. Our upholsterers can create them in any size you’d like, cover them with any material and detail them to your precise specification. Past clients have requested everything from minimalistic single headboards in neutral colours, to huge colourful headboards that cover an entire wall.

Curtains and Blinds

The Hennis Upholstery team also makes and fits made-to-measure curtains, blinds and pelmets. Like our headboards, our curtains and similar window treatments are distinctly bespoke, and made to tick every box on your wish list.

This image highlights the wonderful finished project at Farnham Castle two years ago.

Loose Covers

We can make a tailored loose cover to fit your furniture , this can add a new colour to your existing scheme but you can then revert back to the original colour in time. Loose covers can be removed for provisional cleaning or we can supply fabric that can be machine washed.

Cushion Interiors

One “stand alone” re-upholstery service that we provide for clients is the replacement of seat/back foam cushions in sofas and similar furniture. Over time, foam cushions can lose their shape and firmness, making your furniture less comfortable to sit on. It also makes furniture look formless and worn down, which is unwelcome on an aesthetic basis.



Contractual Work

Hennis Upholstery undertakes contractual work for companies of all shapes and sizes. In the past, we have made tailored loose covers for Windsor Castle library and upholstered seating for the Corinthian Hotel, American and Spanish embassies.

This image highlights the work at Virgins VIP lounge at Heathrow Airport.

Custom Projects

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