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Below we’ve listed just a few of the most common reasons for Croydon clients to choose to invest in our re-upholstery service. However, there are many others; it’s by no means exhaustive. Whatever the reason you need your upholstery seen to, be sure to choose our upholsterers as the team for the job. We’re extremely skilled and highly experienced; offer free collection and delivery, and short turnaround times. You really can’t go wrong when you choose Hennis Upholstery.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Re-upholstery

  1. A change of style – From time to time, it can be refreshing to overhaul your living room, bedroom or similar area with a new approach to its design. Perhaps a new colour scheme might provide a nice change of scenery. But it would be a shame to get rid of a well-loved bit of furniture just because you mixing things up a bit. Re-upholstery allows our clients to keep their furniture, but with new fabric covering it. This way it can seamless integrate into your Croydon home or place of work’s fresh aesthetic. Choose from a huge range of different fabrics as the new cover for your furniture, or mix and match a few and get creative. Your imagination is the only limit.
  2. Restoration of quality furniture – Our upholsterers can tell quality furniture from pieces that have been constructed “cheaply” or sloppily. We find that most of our Croydon clients can to. Quality furniture can prove quite expensive, and when it begins to wear-down or shown signs of age, finding a worthy replacement might seem like a daunting task. But allow the Hennis Upholstery team to work on it and you won’t have to! Restoring quality furniture that’s been well-crafted is certainly preferable to replacing it with something that might fall short of the mark.
  3. Sentimental reasons – Upholstery gets passed down through the generations, especially so with chairs and sofas. If you have fond memories of a piece that might have suffered over the years with regular usage and general wear-and-tear, bringing yourself to throwing it out/replacing it might be out the question. Re-upholstery can freshen it up, making it a pleasure to use again without taking anyway of the original antique charm. Our upholsterers find that people around Croydon who want us to take extra-special care with furniture they are sentimentally attached to love the results we achieve!
  4. The green-friendly option – These days, homeowners and companies are becoming more and more concerned with environmental matters. One thing that certainly isn’t green-minded is chucking out usable, non-recyclable items that could quite easily be restored to working use by a team of upholsterers, like ours in Croydon. We get a lot of custom from people watching their carbon footprint and looking to avoid letting items go to waste.
  5. Value for money – Replacing well-made furniture will set you back a pretty penny. It can prove a whole lot more affordable, especially with our upholsterers (who place a real emphasis on making prices competitive and affordable), to instead invest in re-upholstery. Many of our Croydon clients have contacted us for a free, no-obligation quote after shopping around for new furniture and found they can save hundreds of pounds with us. What’s more, they don’t make furniture like they used to. It’s likely that the modern upholstery you invest in won’t be as good as your original piece’s, unless you really splash out.

Whatever the reason you need our re-upholstery experts to work on your furniture, give our Croydon workshop a call on 01689 800 099.


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