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If you live in Bromley and looking are for experienced curtain makers or bespoke furniture upholsterers to undertake work on your behalf, Croydon-based Hennis Upholstery are here to create exciting new room space for you to enjoy. One of our more popular services is reupholstery and on the page, we explain how to breathe new life into your favourite pieces of home furniture, which can include chairs, sofas and even headboards.


There are many fabrics available for you to choose from, and the first thing to look at is the colour scheme you already have in your Bromley home. Once you’ve settled on a choice of fabric colour to either match or complement your existing décor, our upholstery company will help and advise you on the creation of an attractive piece of bespoke furniture.


Our expertise also extends to curtains and similar soft furnishings.


Scale – If choosing a patterned fabric, keep the size of your furniture in mind. In our capacity as curtain makers and upholsterers, we know that large-scale patterns complement full-sized drapes perfectly. Smaller continuous patterns are better suited to cushions, blinds and smaller items or soft furnishings. Our upholsterers actively encourage mixed patterns in any Bromley room as long as the blend is cohesive in both design and colour.


Balance – As a general rule of thumb, reupholstery using neutral fabric as the main base for colour allows you to add different prints and colours to suit the rest of the room at your Bromley property. Our upholsterers will always explain which tones and hues will affect the natural ambience of a home. It often makes sense to use calming, softer patterns and colours in a bedroom, but warmer and bolder hues work really well in living space.


Bespoke – The beauty of mixed upholstery fabrics, tones and hues is that they will give your home its own unique look. Bespoke furniture can give your property interior the extra element of class and style that will make it the envy of friends in Bromley or family from further afield. We tend to add practical fabrics, including wool or cotton/linen mixes, on heavily-used items such as sofas and chairs, and delicate materials on curtains and blinds.


Fire-Resistant Upholstery Fabric – Many of the fabrics we supply are fire-resistant. Material manufactured from 100% wool is one of the most fire-resistant of all and it doesn’t need to be treated before being used in Bromley homes. For contract work, we check all fabric specification to see if the material needs a treatment to make it non-flammable.

Our upholsterers will advise on every material we use. It is this attention to detail which makes us the South East’s trusted curtain makers and reupholstery specialists.


For more information on upholstery and the creation of bespoke furniture, call 01689 800099. We cover Bromley and all surrounding areas.


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